The serious consequences of climate change and the depletion of natural resources are making the clothing industry increasingly aware. Sednna is here to offer you fashion with responsibility.

As demand by consumers increases, sustainable fashion aims to understand the textile business in a healthier way. To do this, we must comply with the corresponding manufacturing processes of fabrics. This will allow us to be more respectful to the environment and sensitive to social consequence.


Fabrics made from recycled plastic materials

Since plastic became popular in 1950, more than 8 billion tons of these materials have been generated worldwide and almost 40% of them are destined for single-use packaging, many of them ending up in the sea. Hence the importance of finding a way to help reuse them. The manufacture of fabrics from plastic bottles is a fantastic idea to recycle these materials and prevent their accumulation in the oceans. With 3 containers of 2.5 liters, we can get an approximate amount of 1 meter of fabric.

Every day, more and more designers and brands are betting on sustainable fashion: boutiques, small stores, craft fairs, or even online stores are introducing them in their product offerings.

At Sednna we believe that change is possible, and it all depends on all of us. 

Follow your adventurous spirit and be true to your essence.

We are timeless and responsible fashion, ideal for those who have a young soul and are always looking for new experiences.

Here you will find brands that manufacture their products with sustainable materials, high quality and craftsmanship.